Emergency Services




Even with the best intentions, our pets can find themselves in emergency situations. Please call the clinic, as soon as possible, so that we may prepare for your pet’s emergency visit.        719-539-1086

Please note: 
The emergency exam fee is $190, in addition to treatment costs, if we are fully booked for the day. Deposit is required before the examination.



We are not a 24/7 emergency clinic but understand completely that emergencies happen all the time. 

Because we want the best care for your pet and we truly care for our clients but we simply can’t be here every minute of every day; we have found two options for your after hours pet emergencies. 


If you simply need to talk with a vet and find out what to do we have found a company that offers this service 24/7. We are not affiliated with them and receive no funds from them. Below is a video and link to help get you connected. They do charge a consultation fee but should be able to save you time and money if your situation does not require a trip to an emergency clinic.  





If you need quality after hours emergency care we recommend the following two emergency centers.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is powers-pet-emergency.jpg(719) 473-0482

1586 Tutt Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80923




(719) 260-7141

5520 N. Nevada Ave. Ste 150, Colorado Springs, CO 80918


They are both located in Colorado Springs but they are the closest facilities that have all the equipment needed for any emergency and are open 24/7. They can also monitor your pet overnight and throughout the weekend if needed.  

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