Your Visit

Preparing for your appointment

Before booking

When calling the office:

  • Be prepared with the following information.
    • Your first and last name.
    • Pet’s name
    • Are you a returning client or a new client?
    • A brief description of why you are booking the appointment.
      • What does your pet need?
      • If something unusual needs attention.
        • How long has it been happening?
        • Has this happened before?
        • Have you given your pet any supplements or medications?
    • Our staff may have follow-up questions after or during the call.
    • You may be placed on a brief hold during the booking procedure to ensure we can find the best match for your needs. Thank you for your patience.

Before arriving

Owner Instructions:

  • If you have records at another clinic, please have them sent to us before your appointment. Our fax number is: 719-539-2128. For email please send them to
  • Prepare a list of your animals current medications, diet, allergies (if known), supplements and a brief summary of your reason for visiting.
  • Write down a list of questions you wish to discuss with the doctor.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to complete paperwork.
  • If you are a new client or bringing a new pet, please arrive 15-20 mins before your scheduled time.

Pet Instructions:

  • Walk your dog outside prior to the appointment.
    • If having urinary or stool issues, please collect and bring in the pet’s most recent urine or stool sample.
  • Avoid feeding your pet just prior to the appointment time.
  • All dogs must be brought in on leashes or lead.
  • All cats must be brought in a carrier.
  • When dropping off your pet, please plan to take your leashes or carriers home. Remember to bring them back when you pick up your pet.

Surgery Instructions:

  • To expedite the check in process, please download, fill out and bring with you, the Consent Anesthesia Form.
  • Animals undergoing surgical procedures should not eat after 8pm the evening prior to the operation. Provide water for your pet during this time.
  • Please make sure your pet has had an opportunity to urinate and defecate prior to drop off.
  • Arrive with your animal at 8:00am the day of surgery.
  • If your animal has undergone any diet, bathroom, or behavioral changes let your doctor or vet tech know before dropping the animal off.

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