Veterinary Services




Standard veterinary  procedures can be booked with Dr. Janet or Dr. Jo

Wellness visits – During a wellness visit,  keep your animal’s health tip-top by a yearly check-up and visit with the doctor.

Microchip Implantation- Keep your pet safe by implanting a microchip under their skin. This chip can be registered with your pet’s name, address, and contact information. If your friend ever gets lost, this “chip” can be read by most vet clinics, humane societies and can help your pet come home!

Spay and neutering – Prevent unwanted population growth, control some behavioral issues, and reduce the instance of mammary or prostate cancer respectively. All pets must undergo a pre-surgical exam with the doctors prior to anesthesia.

Vaccinations – Following the American Animal Hospital Association Guidelines for vaccinations can help keep your animals healthy and disease free.

In House diagnostics – In our laboratory, we are able to run bloodwork the same day as your visit. More extensive or specific panels can be sent for processing through external laboratories such as IDEXX or Antech. We also have digital radiography (xray) and ultrasound in our hospital.

Pest and Parasite Prevention – With our in house lab we can test for external and internal parasites and prescribe monthly preventative for fleas, ticks and heart-worm.

Nutrition – Meet with our doctors to get advice on your pet’s specific needs. We carry a large variety of supplements and specialty foods to keep your animals healthy.

Behavior – Our extensive familiarity with common animal behaviors can help our doctors identify underlying medical conditions, recommend training,  or dietary changes.

Physical Ailments- From toenail trims to dental procedures our Veterinarians can take a look at your pets and help advise on how to treat and maintain your pets physical health through their life time.

Travel Certificates-Travel abroad requires planning. Schedule an appointment to get your pet records and travel certificates in order before you head out.

Home Delivery
VetSource is our online pharmacy partner. If you have  recurring food or pharmacy order you can register with VetSource. Follow this link to stay connected to VetSource through Animal Care Clinic.



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